Baby Blessings


Baby Blessings

My new book, Baby Blessings is a love letter inspired by God and written by a mother, that gives you an incredible opportunity to surround your children in the reality of the Kingdom right from the moment of conception.

The womb is 98% water. Water can be tuned to vibrate to the frequency of your voice.

May Baby Blessings be like a joyful symphony of living truth, imbuing your womb and baby with love as they grow inside. May your voice be tuned to the highest frequency of life, which will open up the brightest of futures and create a beautiful atmosphere based on Scripture that the children can rest in and draw from forever.

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About the author

Rebecca Morris

Rebecca Morris has a background in fine art and is now based in the Celtic land of South Wales, UK.

She loves spending time in heaven painting and illustrating what she sees.

Her desire is to see people encounter the immeasurable dimensions of the love of God so they may remember who they are.